The first level (forest) and a part of darkmoon is playable.

IMPORTANT: Please respect the copyrights of the original developer/publisher of EOB2! Spectalum does not include the original game files - you have to copy your old game files into the directory "original" before playing. This program utilised these files.
Please dont ask here for the game files - EOB2 is an old game but still no abandon software. I bough my version over eBay - it is worth every cent.

Download WIN32: spectalum-rev31-win.zip
Download Linux SUSE 10.1 64Bit binary: spectalum-rev31-linux.zip
Download Windows Mobile 2003 (ARM): spectalum-rev31-ppc.zip
IMPORTANT for PocketPC: you have to copy all files in a directory "eob2" in the system root path (same es e.g. Windows) or it will not run!
Download source: spectalum-rev31-source.zip (includes configure, german comments)
Sourceforge home: Spectalum

(c) code and programming: Axel Friedrich, graphics and all original-game artwork: Westwood Studios